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Making our Vision a Reality


About Me

My husband Caleb and I have lived in Lewisville since 2008.  In 2013, our family grew with the addition of our son, Brady.  In 2016, we moved to Old Town Lewisville and could not love it more.   


I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2003 with a BS in Civil Engineering.  I started my career with a larger Architectural and Engineering firm, and branched out in 2011 to found an engineering consulting start-up.  In 2017, I founded my current business, Placemakers Design, which specializes in downtown revitalization planning and design.


I have been serving the City of Lewisville for the past five years in many different capacities.  Most notably, I served on the Planning and Zoning Commission since 2013, the Blue Ribbon/Lewisville 2025 Advisory Board since 2014, and the Old Town Task Force.  I also participated in numerous planning efforts for the City, including the Old Town North Small Area Plan and the Parks Master Plan update.


In short, I love this City and would be honored to have the opportunity to earn your vote and represent you on the City Council.


Implementing our Vision

The Lewisville 2025 Plan reflects the collective vision of our community and should be the basis for every decision made by City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, and staff.  

Professional Expertise

I have a professional background in planning and engineering for both public and private sector clients. I understand how the City, private sector and engaged citizens must work together to create healthy and thriving communities. 

Service History

Planning & Zoning: 2013- present

2025 Diversity Committee.: 2014

Blue Ribbon Bond Committee: 2014-2015

2025 Advisory Committee: 2015-present

Capital Improvements: 2013-present

Brownfield Advisory Board: 2013-present

Transportation Board: 2013-present

I-35 Overlay Board: 2018-present

Old Town Task Force: 2018-present.


What's on the Horizon

Old Town

While great things are happening in Old Town, the City needs to continue collaborating with the local business community to form a consistent brand and marketing strategy.    

Code Update

We are at the beginning of a 2-year effort to rewrite our outdated development codes.  Public input will be needed, so look for opportunities to participate.

Public Safety

While continued support is needed for our Police and Fire Departments, let's find additional ways that we can contribute to the safety of our neighborhoods.

Castle Hills

While the annexation of Castle Hills is not happening yet, there are steps being made to prepare for it.  If you want to know more, visit the City's website.


There are multiple ways to stay informed on the latest City news.  The City's website and dashboard are great sources of information. 


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